Chicago Cube


Out of hundreds of gifts. This wooden cube gift-concept became Forbes Best Holiday Gift in 2015! Each wood cube is a hand crafted, one-of-a-kind item that is unique from one another. Made with different types of wood (maple, walnut, pine, oak, and cherry) used to create each piece. All cubes embody 4 different wood types as part of the intricate design. The aromatic scent of the different woods enlivens any home.



One of a kind – Chicago Wood Cube.

This crafty cube at first seems like just that, a cube until you open it. Cradle the City of Chicago in the palm of your hand, as a one-of-a-kind handmade souvenir or rustic reminder for homesick Chicagoans. At first glance, the Chicago Cube looks like one of those wooden puzzle boxes, but once opened, Chicago Cube unfolds the iconic skyline of Chicago, showing Willis Tower, Crain Communications Building, Two Prudential Plaza and John Hancock Center. On top of that, it reflects the incomparable diversity of this city by combining several kinds of wood, similar to the range of different cultures found there. It becomes a conversation starter when closed, a table modern art when ajar and a Chicago City skyline when opened wide.


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